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Betting on a draw in football
Bets on a draw in football go for odds of 3.00, but it is not easy to catch this outcome. We will tell you how to analyze statistics and select matches for betting on a draw, as well as consider strategies for playing live and prematch. How a draw is displayed in the betting list […]
Darts betting
Darts is increasingly gaining popularity in various countries. The throwing of darts first started in England in the 19th century. At first, bar-goers were entertained in this way. But gradually this seemingly unpretentious entertainment has become a full-fledged sport. It began to hold competitions. Many leagues have appeared. Now the World Darts Championship is being […]
Refunds in betting
What is a refund in sports betting A refund in sports betting is the return of the money for the bet to the account of the player of the betting shop at odds of 1. Thus, the full amount bet is refunded to the player in full. The refund does not depend on the amount […]
Goal will be scored up to the minute
Betting shops accept bets on the outcome “a goal will be scored until the minute”. This position means that at least one of the teams will score or not score a goal before the minute specified by the bookmaker. In one bookmaker’s list this type of betting is as follows: The example shows the 15th […]