What is gg/ng in betting

When looking at betting slips and selections, you’ll often see the letters “GG” or “NG” associated with certain picks and matches. But what do these 2 or 3 letter abbreviations actually represent in the context of sports betting? This guide explains the meaning of “GG” and “NG” across different bet types.

GG Meaning

“GG” stands for “Goal/Goal” and signifies that a match will feature goals scored by both teams. Some examples:

  • Correct Score – In correct score betting, GG indicates that both teams will score. A 2-1 prediction is essentially a GG bet as both teams scored.
  • Double Chance – A Double Chance wager of Team A & GG predicts that Team A will either win or draw, along with both teams scoring.
  • Over/Under – Selecting Over 2.5 Goals & GG means the bettor expects 3 or more total goals with both teams getting on the scoresheet.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time – GG in a HT/FT bet like HT Draw/FT Arsenal & GG means Arsenal is expected to win after being level at half-time, plus both to score.

Essentially “GG” signals a belief that each team will score at least one goal in the match.

NG Meaning

“NG” represents “No Goal” meaning one or both teams will fail to score. For example:

  • Correct Score – A 0-0 prediction is an NG bet as neither team scored.
  • Double Chance – Team A & NG means Team A will win or draw with either one or neither team scoring.
  • Over/Under – Taking Under 1.5 Goals & NG suggests the bettor expects a low-scoring game with one or zero goals.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time – HT 0-0/FT Man City & NG predicts a goalless first half before Man City wins without conceding.

“NG” indicates a match with zero or very limited scoring expected.

When Are GG/NG Used?

GG and NG abbreviations are commonly utilized in:

  • Football – To predict total goals and each team’s scoring potential. Very prevalent in football betting.
  • Ice Hockey – Used frequently in correct score, handicap and totals hockey bets to indicate predicted scoring.
  • Tennis – Denotes whether both players will win at least 1 set (GG) or if it will be one-sided (NG).
  • Cricket – Can signal if both teams are expected to pass a certain batting runs threshold.
  • Basketball – Total points over/under and handicap bets may feature GG/NG to project scoring.

While very prevalent in football, GG and NG terminology has branched out into most major sports in some capacity.


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