2 odds betting strategy

2 odds

The 2 odds betting strategy has become a popular system advocated by tipsters and punters in Nigeria. As the name suggests, it involves betting solely on low odds accumulators in the range of 1.2 to 2.0 per selection. This guide explains what the 2 odds strategy is, its perceived benefits, proper staking approaches, risks to be aware of, and tips for effectively implementing the system.

What is 2 Odds Betting?

The 2 odds betting strategy entails picking accumulator bets where all selected games feature relatively low odds between 1.2 and 2.0. Odds in this range imply the outcomes have an implied probability of 50% to 83%, meaning they are predicted to be likely winners.

Some key points about 2 odds betting:

  • Only accumulators – The strategy focuses on accumulators of at least 3 or more legs, not singles.
  • Low risk events – Games with higher odds above 2.0 are avoided to reduce risk exposure.
  • Short prices – The upside is modest returns in exchange for consistent safe wins from probable outcomes.
  • Frequency – Betting daily utilizing short odds allows steadily compounding small wins.

The 2 odds approach appeals through its perceived safety. But proper staking is still vital.

Staking Approaches

With 2 odds betting producing frequent but low margin returns, staking correctly is critical:

  • Level Stakes – Simplest method of betting the same amount like ₦1,000 on each accumulator.
  • Percentage Stakes – Wager a fixed percentage of your bankroll like 5% on each bet.
  • Kelly Criterion – Calculates optimal stake size based on the expected value of your selections.
  • Martingale – After a loss, double the next stake to rapidly recover losses. Highly risky.
  • Labouchere – Determine stake sizes based on the difference between a preset profit goal and total current profits.

Level, percentage or Kelly strategies are recommended over riskier options like Martingale.

Benefits of 2 Odds Betting

Some cited advantages of the 2 odds betting system:

  • Lower risk – Individual odds from 1.2 to 2.0 make winning selections very likely.
  • Safe accumulation – Combining multiple likely outcomes produces steady compound growth.
  • Sustainable – Lower yielding accumulators are easier to predict consistently versus high odds.
  • Easy picks – Simple to assemble 3 or 4 picks priced under 2.0 across major markets daily.
  • Psychology – Winning often develops positive reinforcement and satisfaction.

Strict adherents believe the lower variance leads to long-term profitability.

Risks and Pitfalls

However, some downsides to note are:

  • Lower upside – Capping odds dulls potential returns. Wins may not outpace losses.
  • Overconfidence – Perceived safety leads to recklessly overbetting bankroll.
  • Bet correlation – Outcomes may not be truly independent, like in same league or sport.
  • Unfavored sides – Books set lower odds for a reason – they expect that side to lose.
  • Mispriced odds – Short odds can still be incorrect if books underestimate an underdog.
  • Injury potential – One injury swinging the odds makes short accumulators riskier.

The safe perception of 2 odds betting can create overconfidence, leading to poor bankroll management.

Tips for Success

Best practices for effective 2 odds betting include:

  • Diversify sports – Mix sports like football, basketball, tennis rather than just accumulators in one sport.
  • Don’t force bets – If low odds selections don’t stand out on a given day, wait for better opportunities.
  • Search for true value – Make sure short odds still represent mispriced assets and aren’t just low for good reason.
  • Hedge where possible – When one bet looks shaky, hedge with a small stake on the opposing outcome.
  • Use data models – Statistical models help spot discrepancies between true match odds and what bookmakers set.
  • Track bets – Meticulously recording results helps correct errors and sharpen future picks.
  • Stay disciplined – Don’t get greedy chasing bigger odds or making foolish emotional bets after losses.


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