Betting on a draw in football

Betting on a draw in football

Bets on a draw in football go for odds of 3.00, but it is not easy to catch this outcome. We will tell you how to analyze statistics and select matches for betting on a draw, as well as consider strategies for playing live and prematch.

How a draw is displayed in the betting list

Draw – equality in goals, points, other statistical indicators. Such a result is possible on the basis of the match, half-time, other time period.

In the betting list, there are many types of bets that take into account a draw:

  • “draw” or “X” – the outcome of the game, half, regular time, another segment;
  • “1X”, “X2” – bet win or draw;
  • “no draw”, “12” – the victory of one of the teams;
  • “There will be overtime – yes / no” – an analogue of a net bet on a draw in matches where a draw is possible in regular time;
  • bet on the exact score – 0:0, 1:1, 2:2, etc.
  • “total less than 0.5” is an analogue of a goalless draw.

In many bets, a draw results in a loss. For example, if you take a handicap (0) on one of the opponents, in case of a draw, the bet amount will be returned.

In live, you can bet on a draw several times in one event. For example, in a basketball game – for regular time, for two halves and for four quarters: only seven bets, plus overtime is also possible.

Examples can be viewed on YouTube.

How to select matches for draw betting

Given the absence of a long-term statistical pattern in all football leagues, analyze each match separately.

The probability of a draw increases under the following conditions:

  • the stronger team plays away;
  • the bet on the victory of the favorite goes for a coefficient of 2.00;
  • the favorite is not motivated to win at any cost;
  • in the composition of a stronger club there are no leading performers of the attacking line;
  • difficult weather conditions hinder productive football.

There are players who, taking into account the above factors, make single bets on a draw. The advantage lies in high odds – above 3.30.

But a clear drawback is the unpredictability of draw results. Often, teams pull out a one-ball victory in the last minutes of the game.


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