Refunds in betting: what does it mean?

Refunds in betting

What is a refund in sports betting

A refund in sports betting is the return of the money for the bet to the account of the player of the betting shop at odds of 1. Thus, the full amount bet is refunded to the player in full. The refund does not depend on the amount bet or the odds on the outcome of the event.

When do I get a refund

Cancellation of a match. If a team or a player withdraws or is prevented from participating in the match for any reason, the bookmakers refund the entire betting amount:

  1. Rescheduling. If the meeting between the opponents is postponed for a longer period of time, the bookmakers will also refund the betting money.
  2. Termination of a match. It is worth remembering that not in all cases a refund will be given after the match is abandoned. For example, in tennis, if a player is injured or for other reasons decides to abandon the match, but more than one set has been played, the bet will be calculated as originally offered.
  3. Suspicion of a rigged match. If the Bookmakers suspect that an event may be a betting event, the Bookmakers shall be entitled to make a refund to the player with bet 1.
  4. The refund is stipulated in the outcome. In cases where the player bets on Horses or totals, the likelihood of a refund is quite high.


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